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With Farmhouse Fresh, you’ll find skin care products crafted around delicious food and drinks, all made in Texas using up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients, and chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks and more from U.S. farms. 

Everything that Farmhouse Fresh makes is paraben & sulfate free, and the fragrances are all natural or phthalate free. Many of Farmhouse Fresh products are also vegan and gluten-free.

Experience Farmhouse Fresh


Our 50-min Farmhouse Fresh Facial, Body Treatment, and Massage are seasonally picked just for you!


Pick One for $80

Two for $144 or

Three for $216

Strawberry Lavender-Himalayan Clarifying Facial


The Mood: Spring-cleaning for your skin


The Experience: For the fine china of facials, we begin with a hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash that soothes with coconut milk and green tea extract. A wholesome exfoliation mask with rice powder, strawberry extract, witch hazel, clay, and organic lavender buds smooth your skin, sending free radicals on a sabbatical while cleaning and minimizing pores. Drift off with a lavender-hibiscus steamed towel compress with Himalayan salt and organic flower petals. Now that you’re feeling enlightened, we’ll pep you up with firming peptide-infused Three Milk Moisturizer and Crow Catcher Eye Transformation Serum. You’ll feel on top of the world!


Bee Well Earth & Honey Renewal Body Treatment


The Mood: My favorite resting spot


The Experience: We’ve combined the best of the earth and plants into a totally enveloping experience that begins with red Arizona montmorillonite clay and micro pumice that covers the skin, finely exfoliates the surface and leaves a smooth, calming feel in its wake. Next, an age-old peat mud nutrient mask envelops skin with bioactive organic plant matter and minerals to rapidly bring cool relief to skin irritations. Once “plantifully” treated, you’re drizzled in a warm honey, aloe and papaya fruit serum that seals in hydration. After an Agave Nectar Oil massage, skin is plump full of moisture and radiantly retaining a youthful, renewed appearance.

Watermelon Blackcurrant Massage


The Mood: Oh-so-fruity and fresh!

The Experience: This Swedish massage will target points to relieve stress and muscle tension – all with a splash of fruity fun. Skin is gently wrapped in a sultry compress infused with vitamin E and the light scent of a fresh, crisp watermelon and basil cocktail. Breathe in and out – you’re up up and away floating within the clouds! Skin is then massaged with a blackcurrant extract body oil using long flowing strokes and deep circular motions. This hydrating oil is rich with vitamins A & C that pull double-duty by helping prevent premature aging, as antioxidants aid in repairing and nourishing damaged skin. You, my darling, are now silky, soothed and supple to the touch.